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Posted by Dream Crafts 2017-08-31

I like it

Posted by Ramakant yadav 2017-08-31

Posted by Milind Kamble 2017-08-22

Hate it because very much of Stuking

Posted by Angelica Ilo 2017-08-05

I hate tabtale

Posted by Mariam Salah 2017-07-17

I love this game

Posted by Mario Pantoja 2017-06-22

It sucks because all stages are locked

Posted by Diane Caravelli 2017-05-20

I don't no what to say

Posted by SamLex Manuel 2017-05-04

This is the worst its all locked even the make up booth

Posted by 2017-05-03

This is SUPER Laila your stupid

Posted by Clarissa Erlank 2017-04-26

Its boring!!!!!!!

Posted by Tamanna Rahman 2017-04-23


Posted by 2017-04-10

It is a wonderful game.

Posted by Kanaysia S 2017-04-02

bests game ever

Posted by ruhiya nazneen 2017-04-02

I like it

Posted by 2017-03-15

This is a good game but I don't think that I can do anything with this game.

Posted by Madison Flores 2017-03-13

I hate it because it is not working properly

Posted by Kirti Advani 2017-03-03

It's a bore as most of the things are locked

Posted by Alysa Aiday 2017-03-03

Please tell me I don't have to pay $5- $10 to get Fashion Design, Card Designer or Make-up. There's GOT to be a better way!

Posted by Ashanti 100 all 2017-02-03

It is so stupid

Posted by Wody Haraz 2017-01-21

That is sow beautiful

Posted by Fanny A Daniels 2017-01-18

it's so cute it's fantastic I love it is a yes for me

jeliPosted by 2017-01-07


Love itPosted by 2016-12-27

It has everything my cuz wanted for her bday

Holly Bobbie and friendsPosted by andrew Rudac 2016-12-24

I love Lego friends because is so awesome from princess Lucy unkrown as kaeyln

So bad gamePosted by Nina Sapra 2016-12-23

I hate this game because there have only 2 things which are unlocked..... When I have installed it it was looking very nice game I hate this game I hate this game

Posted by 2016-12-17

I lived it even if I am a boy

Posted by Mansoor Khan 2016-12-14

Only ,2 things are open and all of them are locked

Hated itPosted by 2016-12-10

I Don't like this game because all are locked only Dressup and spa is not locked make up, Dress Design all are locked

It's stupidPosted by marilyn mack 2016-12-03

I am going to be doing a protest called this game is horrible and I hate it

BoringPosted by Wanda Mccoy 2016-11-22

This game is so boring

Hated itPosted by 2016-10-29

Why because you can only have two things to do just the spa and dress up do not install this app is a useless app hated it so mush

Hate itPosted by Syahirah Syahirah 2016-10-28

This game is one of the worst games in tge whole wide world like seriously its horrible dumb and useless freaking stupid idiot game who made Dumb useless game that not even a girl would like this game is the worst ever madevin the whole wide wide wide universe!!

HaPosted by Yaiyai Evans 2016-10-22

Do not play

Posted by 2016-10-19

Best game and good game

NoPosted by Christina Nelson 2016-10-11

Tabtle I agree whif Nony Fawzy.

StrwabreyPosted by Super Zeina 2016-09-22

Guys is cool

I hate this it has only to levelsPosted by vikas vasudev 2016-09-13

Hated it

Holly Hobbie & Friends PartyPosted by 2016-09-09


Posted by Sarcastic Bro 2016-09-09


Posted by jade wright 2016-09-06

It is so fun I like it

GreatPosted by Jeia Robinson 2016-08-22

This game looks as some

Posted by shaya saleena 2016-08-06

Nice game

Posted by Meena Sharma 2016-08-05

It's OK

Posted by irfan malik 2016-07-23

Love it

R.kPosted by Mohi Teck 2016-07-22

I love it 《♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡》

Posted by هندي ولا اروع 2016-07-20


I love the gamePosted by Quandy Morrison 2016-07-17

The game is so hood i love the clean and dress up all that stuff. The game makes you want to play it ever day as long as you live snd if you dont lije this game then your wrong

Posted by Julius Antonius 2016-07-12


Because all things r lock can u tell us how to open themPosted by bismah faisal 2016-07-09

Pls I haven't delete it

BetterPosted by dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 2016-07-06

I hate this game because all things are locked but her dress is good

AroPosted by Lea Tohme 2016-07-05


Only two rooms!!!!Posted by Asma Munawar 2016-07-02

There are only two rooms and that is spa,and dressup I am telling you guys don't download this game hate it

Posted by Jerome Jayasinghe 2016-07-02

Really cool

Barbie?Posted by Waqas Butt 2016-06-30

I like it

WowPosted by safiyyah Ahmed 2016-06-29


Posted by stephanie danielle paredes. bersales 2016-06-27

I hate this i thougt it was pretty games dah its so very ugly

Posted by Arizan Guevara 2016-06-18

You have to buy everything

Posted by SHAMILA MIRANDA 2016-06-14

Miscah Don

Posted by Laila R 2016-06-10

I might not be able to rate it 0 stars but just say I am tablet tale games it's always like there is only two levels of anything that is free is wish everything was free in there games and I'm including coco you need to think of children who's parents do not want to pay OMG !!! Am done with you tablet tale and I'm including coco like i said do not install tablet tales games there just going to make you pay I hate tablet tale games and coco and I'm including coco because coco is the same thing as tablet tale it says it there's tiny little words that say its by tablet tale so if your your going to install this games and waste your money it's on you I'm telling you don't INSTALL THIS GAMES WEATHER IT'S BY COCO OR TABLET TALE DO NOT BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Skylar Crystal 2016-05-24

Love love love love this app super awesome

Posted by Darinann Las Pinas 2016-05-18

This is very fun the best game ever wohoooooooopooo

Love to play with itPosted by Hugo Cisneros 2016-05-18


Zariyah brownPosted by Zariyah Brown 2016-05-06

This game is the best!!!!

AwsomePosted by Zafar-ul-Hasan Raja 2016-04-29

Its to cool for me loved it

Posted by Jane Taylor 2016-04-22

Jane taylor

Posted by Judy Hafez 2016-04-16

I like this game but the levels are locked . That is the real proplem

Posted by Girlwithswirl 1010 2016-04-06

Horrible game there more things which are locked than which are unlocked

Posted by aarya Awasthy 2016-03-23

It's not at all fair u only let us play the makeup and spa and what about the rest we have to pay for it. Its just not fair

This Holly Hobbie.Game Is AwesomenessPosted by lori wolf 2016-03-15

I Still Love Holly Hobbie..Ever Sence I Was 8.Yrs Old.

NicePosted by Rishi Singh 2016-03-08

Its so cool

Hated itPosted by Uma Jayan 2016-03-06

Only dress up and spa is unlocked. It's horrible

JuwanPosted by Sarah Osman Siribbal 2016-03-05

I liked the gane I wish you could create a better gane than this.

Posted by Ndumiso Hlongwa 2016-03-04

It kept my daughter still

Holly Bobbie and friends Fashion PartyPosted by Alyssia Immekus 2016-03-02

Love it so much!!

Love itPosted by Inara Dodhia 2016-03-01


So goodPosted by Talynn Peek 2016-02-27

The game is so good

Posted by Kyleigh Surrell 2016-02-27


Posted by majed سبحان الله 2016-02-25

2255txdgur7 if interested me in under control system 4this that allows us the same

buy it?Posted by Nig Er 2016-02-25

we need to buy things?disguisting

Not badPosted by RchieMae OMG 2016-02-23

Its not bad at all but you only can dress up and spa that's it

WorstPosted by Aida Sanico 2016-02-20

Worst game ever

Coolest game everPosted by Kathylina King 2016-02-20

Loved it

Posted by Aafreen Shaikh 2016-02-20

Such a bad game and boring hate it

Me schien leukPosted by Danique Boevink 2016-02-19

Weet het niet

-_-Posted by Joe Bayramyan 2016-02-14


This what I call funPosted by Lily Luna Potter 2016-02-11

This is fabulous. dress up, spa and fashion this is what girls like. sports like basketball, football, baseball, golf and hokey or ice hokey is for boys

Posted by Sophia Rules 2016-02-08

Haters are gonna hate that proves tswift wasent lieing

Please make morePosted by Taj Scotty 2016-02-08

Thanks tt

Le joue est coolPosted by my life as eva simons 2016-02-08

Le joue est cool

LalaPosted by Anika Perro 2016-02-06


Hated itPosted by Praseeda Chowdary 2016-02-05

All are locked only dress up, spa and store

Bad gamePosted by Khushboo Bedi 2016-02-05

It take one hour to download and I hated this game ever

CrazyPosted by Mukesh Bhandari 2016-02-04


HATEPosted by jaydoza 890 2016-02-02

I whish all of your apps did not cost money then I'll give 5 stars but they do so I hate you

I loved this umahhPosted by Smiley World 2016-02-01


Posted by Shardennaye Roye 2016-01-30

I love it

HmmmmmPosted by esther gokool 2016-01-23

I don't know if it w as my internet or this gave trouble to load but I played other tab tale games and they are a rip off waste of good time . bet u half of these these dresses and places are locked

Always PayPosted by nadia james 2016-01-23

Tabtale why do you always have to pay for the levels if you make a game you should let people the whole game I'm getting sick and tired of it

Posted by Iancu Alina 2016-01-23

Nu e prea cine stie ce!

I love it I love it so muchPosted by Liz Velazquez 2016-01-13

My name is Liz

Hated itPosted by Bharat Sharma 2016-01-10

Tabtale the worst game creator . This game is worst game .

HollyPosted by Michael Deguair 2016-01-09

Loved it.

Posted by Joba Borah 2016-01-09


Hate this appPosted by Dilan Clingmon 2016-01-08

Do you want to know because all the app are not unlocked

I hate this gamePosted by Ansh Khanna 2016-01-06

I don't like this

Posted by Kaylee Collins 2016-01-04

Holly Hobbie is awesome

Posted by Kelsey Cummings 2016-01-03


Tab tale is the WORSTPosted by Ashok Singh 2016-01-03

I am from my uncle's mobile. Let me tell u tab tale that u r the worst games creator ever

HATEPosted by farzana jabeen 2016-01-02


Super starPosted by Jovarrie Alexis 2015-12-31

Hate it that is all I have to say

Posted by Sumeya Abu Dini 2015-12-31

This game is ok but it's not that good because only the spa and dress up is open nothing else

Love itPosted by Laiza Chavez 2015-12-29

So fun

Posted by Yuri Yoyong 2015-12-29


I love this appPosted by A Google User 2015-12-28

This app is so very nice.

!!!????Posted by Neha Reddy 2015-12-28

Worst. Game. Ever!!!!!!!!!

Posted by SparklyZ713 2015-12-28

So so boring you gotta buy everything

Posted by Jacklyn Love 2015-12-27

my name is Lexi it is so boring

Not funPosted by Jenee D 2015-12-27

This app didn't let me do anything every time I taped on a station it wouldn't bring me their

Hate itPosted by Anusuha Suba 2015-12-26

Hate it,,.,,....

COOL!!!!Posted by Valery Rodriguez 2015-12-25

Nice game fun!!

Posted by lil angel krystal msp 2015-12-25

I hate it, its time lost me and my daughters

Cool!!!!!!Posted by shalini prithviraj 2015-12-24

Very, very ,very nice and cute game

Footballers sisPosted by Footballer XTNX 2015-12-24

I love this game

Liked itPosted by Ujwala Shelar 2015-12-22

I think think this is the nice game

Posted by Shaida Baig 2015-12-22

I hate it

FunPosted by Tyiana Johnson 2015-12-22

I could play this all day

Posted by Erin Franchesca Petrola 2015-12-22

i do

I don't like itPosted by Balraam Padhy 2015-12-21

Very bad game

ببلييسنPosted by Lamiaa Ben 2015-12-20


Posted by Kuru Ram Mandal 2015-12-18

Worst is not at all working and all stores are locked

Posted by sasha24 pretty 2015-12-16

Fixed it!!!

Love itPosted by Ambani Version 2015-12-16

It is Really good and very fashionable i really like it and it is addictive

PleasePosted by aundrea curry 2015-12-15

Please please just please take out the app purchases I love this game so much!

Love itPosted by Sasa Matlas 2015-12-14

The only

Posted by Shradha Sharma 2015-12-12

I gonna love this game.

Posted by koko bleu 2015-12-12

It won't download :c

I hate itPosted by Myrth Fagyan 2015-12-10

Only two you can play

This is dumbPosted by Aimee Richmond 2015-12-08

Not fair you have to pay for allmost everything

I have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to have a good idea to have aPosted by Jakelya BROWN 2015-12-07

Tanie u stupid

Fixing to doPosted by Kristian Simmons 2015-12-07

You can only play two games you have to buy the rest that's not fair

Don't downloadPosted by Eve Danielle Infane 2015-12-03

Haeted game ever

AleenaPosted by Rasheed Awan 2015-12-02

Yes who likes this game they are stupid

Posted by Milica Milovanovic 2015-11-29


Posted by Sejal Vichare 2015-11-29


I don't like itPosted by Misty Terry 2015-11-21

You have to pay money for most of the stuff that so stupis

Hated itPosted by Sunita Arora 2015-11-21

Never played such a worse game

Worst gamePosted by Kate Fancydolls 2015-11-20

I hate it

RUBBISHPosted by Kevin Townend 2015-11-15

the game desinger who made this is not a game desingher its absiluetly rubbish unlock all those LEVELS

Posted by Janaiyh Foster 2015-11-11

Mi sorry but the game is not fun I'm sosososososo sorry but it bad

AmazingPosted by Makayla Jean-Baptiste 2015-11-08

I love it so much who don't?Anyone who likes this game can be my friend

I love itPosted by Ritu Khosla 2015-11-02

this is awesome ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

The worstPosted by MsEricka L 2015-11-01

This game sticks there only two places that you don't have pay for,there money diggers

Posted by Aida Leonard 2015-10-28

So hard to unlock things

I don't knowPosted by Shannon Wilson 2015-10-24

It's OK

Posted by Isurika Lakmali 2015-10-23


Hated itPosted by preeti jain 2015-10-21

Bhakwas game because all things are not open

Hated itPosted by Suraj Shrestha 2015-10-21

Tab tales games are ugliest.and we should buy everything.

LovePosted by Bibi Alli 2015-10-20

Even though I didn't play it yet it looks great

Posted by Savannah Franks 2015-10-19

You only get 2 activities

NoPosted by Khup Mang 2015-10-18

I don't reqlly like this game because they are locked all time.

Posted by Mohd Asfia 2015-10-18


This is cool but whenever l touch play it won't workPosted by Fadumo Abdi 2015-10-16


Posted by petrina nu 2015-10-13


Posted by Karlee Hall 2015-10-12

Ittts not the worst

Nony fawzyPosted by Isibeal Finney 2015-10-08

I agree with you

Posted by Murali dharan 2015-09-29

Nothing fun in this game

Love itPosted by br vyas 2015-09-28

Like it love it I don't know why some people not like it but it is awesome

Posted by Taya Ritter 2015-09-26

I loved it

Posted by Miro Ahmed 2015-09-25

Free free free free free free free free free I want it free

Posted by Malak Fawzy 2015-09-23

Not bad

Liked itPosted by Elsa Osiluwa 2015-09-22

I think this game is enjoymend , my think is good, I am so happy, but I like play many levels, are you can give me many levels, thank you, my dream is true

Loved it appPosted by Vijay Agrawal 2015-09-21

Wonderful family game

Posted by Shelby Obrien 2015-09-19


Hated itPosted by RATHI PALANIAPPAN 2015-09-16

Everything is cost.I really hate it

Posted by felicia curtis 2015-09-16

It needs free

I can't doPosted by Peace Everywhere 2015-09-13

I don't have enough money to buy fashion designs or makeup what ever plz stop the ads plz i request u also have some adventure and Arran coins then take makeup level etc from coins plz change ads rules

Hate itPosted by Ade Aan Wirama 2015-09-13

I cant even install it

I love love love love love love itPosted by Elizabeth Rose 2015-09-11

HORRIBLEPosted by Regime Vital 2015-09-10

you have to buy almost everything and the things u can do are just boring I uninstalled it

SucksPosted by Lexie Lou Taylor-lane 2015-09-07

Only gives you 3 buildings plz give me more i'll rate 5stz.

Posted by Jeah Bernabe 2015-09-03

It doesnt working

NoPosted by Lourdess Ann Parian 2015-08-26

Each level is lock

Posted by Azlan Harris Sulieman 2015-08-24

Its so fun

I am loving the game.Posted by Rey Van Galorio 2015-08-23

It so wow,wow,wow,as in wow i love it 9x.

Posted by genelyn marasigan 2015-08-21


Yeah!Posted by Priya Nadarajan 2015-08-18

Its so fun

Wont load at allPosted by melody Williams 2015-08-18


NicePosted by Umar Rana 2015-08-17

Good so so so good

Hate itPosted by youem you 2015-08-16

The game only has to games not fair

Posted by Bianca Mae Uka 2015-08-11

I like this game

WowPosted by hadiqa 2015-08-11

Best game it have fast downloading

It's an okay app.Posted by Tooba Bukhtiar 2015-08-09

It is an okay app, I really liked it but only liked not loved......

Posted by Keira Maxwell 2015-08-08

Hate it

Nice gamePosted by Barbie Barbie 2015-08-08

I love this game but this game girls are not beautiful by the way this game is ok I love it.

worst game ever i have seen in this worldPosted by Parvinder Singh 2015-08-08

please dont download it . if you still want to play this game so one thing you remember that from this your phone gets slow

Posted by Anna Ashley 2015-08-07

Dumbest thing ever a two years old. Would hate it

NanaPosted by Yandell Torres 2015-08-06

Love so so so so so so so so So So much

Posted by Ale Rivera 2015-08-06

It is boring I don't like it

Posted by Katy Koky 2015-08-04

can't upload it .

BadPosted by Rachel Robertson 2015-08-02

This game is terrible and usless don't download


Welcome to Holly Hobbie & Friends - Fashion Party! Get ready for a stylish adventure with Holly and her best friends! Enjoy 6 fun-filled creativity centers with over 20 different fashion activities! Design clothing, dress up in the latest fashion, create your own unique look, visit the spa and have a party!

Holly & Friends Fashion Fun
Meet Holly, Amy, and Carrie! Design fabulous clothes for Holly and her friends in the Fashion Design boutique! Create unique outfits by choosing colors, styles, buttons and stickers for their clothes!

Dress Up Time with Holly Hobbie
It’s time for a fashion party! Select from a stunning variety of fashion items, like dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more to dress up Holly and her friends. Show off your personal flare and style them your way!

Holly & Friends Spa Day
Head to the Spa with Holly and her friends! Pamper them with relaxing treatments like special steam, eye masks, face cream, and more! Enjoy your spa experience and get ready for a magnificent makeover!

Marvelous Makeup with Holly Hobbie
Use fun makeup like eye shadow, lipstick and blush in the Makeup Salon! You can also choose from tons of different hairstyles to make Holly & her friends look extra beautiful!

Holly Hobbie Card Designer
Take a picture with Holly and her friends! Design cards with stickers, frames, colors and more! Choose from 5 different themed backgrounds to make your very own Holly Hobbie greeting card!

Holly Hobbie Recording Studio
Get ready for a musical party! Check out the recording studio where you can sing your favorite songs! It’s the perfect place to record a personalized message for Holly and her friends!

> Choose from 3 characters
> Visit a creativity center on the map
> Dress up in fashionable clothing
> Design your own outfit
> Relax at the Spa
> Make your own card
> Record your voice at the studio!

What's inside:
> 3 adorable characters - Holly, Amy, and Carrie!
> 6 creativity centers
> Over 20 fun-filled activities
> Tons of fashion items and accessories
> 40 art & design tools to make clothes with friends
> Over 50 makeup items
> 8 spa treatment tools

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