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Posted by Ramakant yadav 2017-08-31

Posted by Diane Caravelli 2017-05-20

I don't no what to say

Posted by Alysa Aiday 2017-03-03

Please tell me I don't have to pay $5- $10 to get Fashion Design, Card Designer or Make-up. There's GOT to be a better way!

jeliPosted by 2017-01-07


Posted by 2016-10-19

Best game and good game

NoPosted by Christina Nelson 2016-10-11

Tabtle I agree whif Nony Fawzy.

Posted by shaya saleena 2016-08-06

Nice game

Posted by Meena Sharma 2016-08-05

It's OK

Because all things r lock can u tell us how to open themPosted by bismah faisal 2016-07-09

Pls I haven't delete it

Posted by Judy Hafez 2016-04-16

I like this game but the levels are locked . That is the real proplem

-_-Posted by Joe Bayramyan 2016-02-14


HmmmmmPosted by esther gokool 2016-01-23

I don't know if it w as my internet or this gave trouble to load but I played other tab tale games and they are a rip off waste of good time . bet u half of these these dresses and places are locked

Posted by Iancu Alina 2016-01-23

Nu e prea cine stie ce!

Posted by Sumeya Abu Dini 2015-12-31

This game is ok but it's not that good because only the spa and dress up is open nothing else

ببلييسنPosted by Lamiaa Ben 2015-12-20


Posted by Sejal Vichare 2015-11-29


I don't knowPosted by Shannon Wilson 2015-10-24

It's OK

Posted by Karlee Hall 2015-10-12

Ittts not the worst

Posted by Miro Ahmed 2015-09-25

Free free free free free free free free free I want it free

Posted by Malak Fawzy 2015-09-23

Not bad

Posted by Ale Rivera 2015-08-06

It is boring I don't like it

Its very bad I hate this gamePosted by Umme Aimen Adnan 2015-07-25

Its very baqwaas game when I play to l bore mane aa game Zara fine nathi lagti

It's OKPosted by Bashir Haneefa 2015-07-18

All the level is LOCKEDDD

Posted by Abhishek Iyer 2015-06-17

Half is for money!!!!!!!!!

FustrationPosted by Mia-Sara King 2015-06-15

u ppl locked nearly everything!! :(

So beautiful..Posted by Tania Begum 2015-05-18

Download it

Posted by Michelle Galang 2015-05-14

It's okayp

As a kidPosted by Young RECKLEZZ 2015-04-29

Brings back memories. But it's not the same

Locked Levels TroublePosted by Dana Zohri 2015-04-15

Tabtale, your games are amazing. Fun, , interesting, and time killing. But if 99% of your games are purchasing required, then why don't you turn your games into non-free ?! I dont even find it reasonable to pay about 4 dollars for 5 levels!. Tabtale, if you really want money, then make it non free. But don't force people to pay in app purchases. Its totally unfair to name this game a "Free Game"

Holly hobbiesPosted by Theresa Kwofie 2015-04-10

Why do I need the full vesion to play and if i click on the buy full vesion it Dnt work fix it !!!!!

I don't mind itPosted by Jordyn Lee 2015-04-06

I don't really like how the levels are locked

It because in app purchasePosted by auni al 2015-04-03

Don't like it

It's okPosted by Eli Pancevska 2015-03-14

The game is okay but I unlock nothing!! I will uninstall this!!!

Quite badPosted by Ayush Daby 2015-03-14

It iş disable

It's okayPosted by Kaylie Poling 2015-03-09

All the levels are locked. What if my niece wants to play the levels but they are locked?She will probably buy the levels then my dad will have to pay $4.99.He won't be happy with that.

OkPosted by TANIYA JACKSON 2015-03-05

It takes FOREVER to download!!!!!!!!!!!

Fix itPosted by prabin parajuli 2015-03-01

It's OK cause the game created by tab tale are good but they make many things lock I am not saying not lock the things but saying to lock but not more.

OkPosted by parvin parvin 2015-02-27

Not that nice .

OkPosted by Julia Orzol 2015-02-18

It's all rite why is he locking levels if he wouldn't I would give this game a five

Posted by bh.0 2015-02-17

I like the game but some tabtale games are supposed to be payed

Posted by Roni Ahmed 2015-02-14

Hi my name is anisha there is so many locks and to unlock it you need money real life money

Nony fawzy your rudePosted by Official Shaz 2015-02-13

Why u so rude he might want to do that do u do that to your freinds and be bossy like bla bla bla.

PartyPosted by Demi Parton 2015-02-06

Sortof good

Posted by leah villani 2015-01-27

Get shops avalable

It's goodPosted by Kuldeep Singh 2015-01-26

Because my daughter love this game

okay...Posted by Rose Rowlandson 2015-01-24

It is. A great game but keeps freezing so I give it three stats

HiPosted by pratap mishra 2015-01-13

Its amazing ! But it is locked .

Posted by Shreeya Bachoo 2015-01-13

It's ok

It's nicePosted by Hannah Merchant 2015-01-11

I think u hate me I am in love with the keyboard it should be with keyboard

Posted by Nomthandazo Khoza 2015-01-10

This game is sooooo nice

Holy hobbiePosted by Makayla Debrincat 2015-01-09

It was great but you have to buy things

close enough...Posted by Cathleen Mendrofa 2014-12-20

well this is a perfect game for gal's because its about fashion... but, its have to pay to unlock the store....

Not so goodPosted by SURAJIT DUTTA 2014-12-20

All the things is not open

Posted by bhavika Rampal 2014-12-20

Khuda pahad nikla chuha

Holly hobbies and friends partyPosted by Ashalee Gayle 2014-12-05

It is very fun to play

NematPosted by Gamer jeff21 2014-12-04


It might be goodPosted by Darline Armand 2014-11-21

My daughter seen this game and it looks great but it slows down when she downloads it at 94%

My name is tumi nd I'm on my phnePosted by Tumi Mokhatu 2014-11-20

It seems like this game is meant to be for tablets lol

Posted by Lireesa Naidoo 2014-11-18

Its ok

Love thisPosted by Bonnie Tshivhase 2014-11-07

It's fun for me

This might be a good gamePosted by Sharona Lochan 2014-11-01

Because many people has MY TALKING TOM and it's simlur

Posted by Cutie Rb 2014-10-17

Hi everyone its t

Posted by ivy 2014-10-10

I love this game

Please help me!Posted by Jasmine Barroa 2014-09-23

I've bought the full version of the game and nothing happened it's still the old version... Please help me and I'll give the five star for you.... my money is wasted too... and by the way karell sedilla you idiot you're only saying that because you're so poor to afford the items on tab tale games .....

Posted by Ria 2014-09-22

Posted by Mehak Khan 2014-09-18

I think. Its ok

Cool but not excitingPosted by A Google User 2014-09-13

Its bueatiful but you need to buy the rest nice try tabtale

It's okPosted by Ina Ina 2014-09-11


Nice game butPosted by Mehwish Wasim 2014-08-22

You can only do two things and wait too long for other to unlock

Posted by Jodie Colley 2014-08-17

Its. OK

KYLAH THE, BUT YOUPosted by Kylah Young 2014-07-30

I am a little more than a week or. It is the first World

ThisPosted by Anne Nadela 2014-07-29

You only have only 2 rooms there fix this I will rate 5 stars

:((Posted by yellowthunder marli 2014-07-28

I got this game.for my daughter elly she played on it for just a few minuites and said" daddy i don't like this game everything is locked!" that really upset me since before hand we found some baby caring games and they all need money!

Posted by Monique HARDAKER 2014-07-24

Good but everything's locked and u have to pay to unlock them DON'T DONLOAD!

Posted by Geanina Andreea 2014-07-24

Este un joc pt copii....este destul de fain cand te plictisesti..

Posted by Samia Ouarkoub 2014-07-20

I heart this

Dress upPosted by toys and me 2014-07-16

Dressing up and having spa

Posted by Tristen James 2014-07-16


V goodPosted by amit jain 2014-07-16

My daughter liked it but alll the activities Are not available many of them are locked

Posted by Fatima Elias Murad 2014-07-15

Its ok

Posted by Omar Ismail 2014-07-15


Posted by Naveed Wani 2014-07-15

It's gud but everything locked requesting Tab tale to keep game free if they will do then I would give five stars if they will not do this I would uninstall it and otherwise it is spam

Posted by suni koshy 2014-07-15


Posted by baan alzuhair 2014-07-14

Would you make it for ipad


Welcome to Holly Hobbie & Friends - Fashion Party! Get ready for a stylish adventure with Holly and her best friends! Enjoy 6 fun-filled creativity centers with over 20 different fashion activities! Design clothing, dress up in the latest fashion, create your own unique look, visit the spa and have a party!

Holly & Friends Fashion Fun
Meet Holly, Amy, and Carrie! Design fabulous clothes for Holly and her friends in the Fashion Design boutique! Create unique outfits by choosing colors, styles, buttons and stickers for their clothes!

Dress Up Time with Holly Hobbie
It’s time for a fashion party! Select from a stunning variety of fashion items, like dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more to dress up Holly and her friends. Show off your personal flare and style them your way!

Holly & Friends Spa Day
Head to the Spa with Holly and her friends! Pamper them with relaxing treatments like special steam, eye masks, face cream, and more! Enjoy your spa experience and get ready for a magnificent makeover!

Marvelous Makeup with Holly Hobbie
Use fun makeup like eye shadow, lipstick and blush in the Makeup Salon! You can also choose from tons of different hairstyles to make Holly & her friends look extra beautiful!

Holly Hobbie Card Designer
Take a picture with Holly and her friends! Design cards with stickers, frames, colors and more! Choose from 5 different themed backgrounds to make your very own Holly Hobbie greeting card!

Holly Hobbie Recording Studio
Get ready for a musical party! Check out the recording studio where you can sing your favorite songs! It’s the perfect place to record a personalized message for Holly and her friends!

> Choose from 3 characters
> Visit a creativity center on the map
> Dress up in fashionable clothing
> Design your own outfit
> Relax at the Spa
> Make your own card
> Record your voice at the studio!

What's inside:
> 3 adorable characters - Holly, Amy, and Carrie!
> 6 creativity centers
> Over 20 fun-filled activities
> Tons of fashion items and accessories
> 40 art & design tools to make clothes with friends
> Over 50 makeup items
> 8 spa treatment tools

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