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AwsomePosted by Zafar-ul-Hasan Raja 2016-04-29

Its to cool for me loved it

CrazyPosted by Mukesh Bhandari 2016-02-04


Posted by Joba Borah 2016-01-09


Love itPosted by Laiza Chavez 2015-12-29

So fun

Liked itPosted by Ujwala Shelar 2015-12-22

I think think this is the nice game

PleasePosted by aundrea curry 2015-12-15

Please please just please take out the app purchases I love this game so much!

LovePosted by Bibi Alli 2015-10-20

Even though I didn't play it yet it looks great

Posted by Taya Ritter 2015-09-26

I loved it

Liked itPosted by Elsa Osiluwa 2015-09-22

I think this game is enjoymend , my think is good, I am so happy, but I like play many levels, are you can give me many levels, thank you, my dream is true

NoPosted by Lourdess Ann Parian 2015-08-26

Each level is lock

Posted by Azlan Harris Sulieman 2015-08-24

Its so fun

Posted by Bianca Mae Uka 2015-08-11

I like this game

Posted by Katy Koky 2015-08-04

can't upload it .

Posted by Heather Norris 2015-07-26

Smiley fa ce

Posted by Yousromer Gadoura 2015-07-03

It's really good and it's I can't describe it but one thing every thing Is lock that's th problem

Posted by Yasmin Jaan 2015-06-13


GoodPosted by Jenna-Lee Kruger 2015-05-10

Tried to give a 3 and a half but 4 is good

I likedPosted by Thea Gummong 2015-05-03

It's nice for girl games

It's OkPosted by Fiona O Reilly 2015-04-19

I love tab tale make more games

AHNPosted by silvija goceva 2015-04-13


HolyPosted by Julienne Marca Cabe 2015-04-04


Posted by Theo Childress 2015-04-03

Nice app it's ok

Posted by Mohammed Khair 2015-04-02


ExplosionPosted by oluwatunmise ikuomola 2015-03-30

It blew ma mind away bt can still do wit some improvement

GoodPosted by Shruti Boodhram 2015-03-23

It's good can play but well done for whoever made this game

Hi everyone I am milee ...,Posted by Milee Akter 2015-03-04

I like this game. Because I love dressing up.

Posted by Zoe Liamano 2015-02-21

It takes ages to download but its a great game

I missed itPosted by Emma Sutherland 2015-02-20

I missed this game I used to play it on the computer and now I can get on this.

Posted by Janette Lodor 2015-02-18


Posted by Farhana Kurmally 2015-02-14

A very cool game but the problem is that we have to buy.

Really coolPosted by Fatima Mohamed 2015-02-07

I like it it depends on the gadget your using BTW. I like how its not just dress up do background then done I like it never ending "create you model" type thanks for this amazing game there's not problems or anything so yeah I think is really good. FYI you children shouldn't say your name or details to people you don't know anything can happen!

Posted by Arina Kawaii 2015-01-30


PeoplePosted by Aria IA 2015-01-18

Everyone is so worked up about money, but no one realizes that this is their JOB and this is how they have to make money!

NicePosted by Anil Dugar 2015-01-11

I have buy the whole version and I am enjoying playing it but Tab tale should unlock all d versions as the versions r expensive.

:)Posted by Charlotte Seymour 2015-01-11

I liked it but I think it should have more free stuff because the people that can not buy it will just have a small part of the town and that's not fair

Posted by Kayla White 2015-01-01

Looooove this game

Posted by Edith De Castro 2014-12-23

Hi am on my selpohne.My name is Razanne and i

Posted by Naajiya Patel 2014-12-13


Posted by Kate Edwards 2014-11-24

Its pretty good

Posted by Maimoona Ashfaq 2014-11-03

Soooooooooo cooooooooooooool

I love itPosted by archana shivakoti 2014-11-02

It is really a gret gam

Posted by De'Marcus Carter 2014-10-26

Its fun I love it

Posted by A Google User 2014-10-18

Hi zainab my name is zeneisha and I think this game is the best game ever

Posted by Adam Burrows 2014-09-23

Your rite it, s a ripe otmy name is kim

Posted by Fifi Afiqah 2014-09-07

I really like this game thanks for creating this game

Posted by Anna Michaella Villanueva 2014-09-07

Im in the middle of downloading the games but if i like it im gonna give you 5star

Posted by Janinah Florece 2014-08-24


Posted by Pinkey Styles 2014-08-24

It's not bad but you could have done better.

Mannu ansariPosted by savira ansari 2014-08-15

Cool dresses but make up house is not unlock

NicaPosted by Jeffrey Zulueta 2014-08-14

Very good game

Liked itPosted by aisha omer 2014-08-12

Because not all the levels are open so pleaseeeeeeeeeeee I request the tabtale people that please open all the levels please otherwise I would give it a 5 star

Posted by Anaadel z 2014-08-08


Great GamePosted by Terry Hoist 2014-07-29

But Please Let Everything Else Be Free!

Posted by Danielle Horton 2014-07-28


FunPosted by Skylie Doyle 2014-07-27

I havent played it yet but sounds fun but it sucks things are all locked

Tyga wood from da hoodPosted by Miguel Valencia 2014-07-24

Dem niggaz piru 37th ftbloodz

It looks fun but I didn't play it yetPosted by Drew Amaro 2014-07-24


GoodPosted by Casey Courtney 2014-07-19


Posted by Fatima Safieddine 2014-07-17

This is great

Posted by ameer unnisa begum 2014-07-16

This game is nice

Posted by Adeel Hussain 2014-07-16

Iove it

Posted by Judita Pereira 2014-07-16

Holly hobbie and friends party

Posted by vimar Perez 2014-07-15


Posted by Andi Sari Bunga Untung 2014-07-14

I love it ummmah


Welcome to Holly Hobbie & Friends - Fashion Party! Get ready for a stylish adventure with Holly and her best friends! Enjoy 6 fun-filled creativity centers with over 20 different fashion activities! Design clothing, dress up in the latest fashion, create your own unique look, visit the spa and have a party!

Holly & Friends Fashion Fun
Meet Holly, Amy, and Carrie! Design fabulous clothes for Holly and her friends in the Fashion Design boutique! Create unique outfits by choosing colors, styles, buttons and stickers for their clothes!

Dress Up Time with Holly Hobbie
It’s time for a fashion party! Select from a stunning variety of fashion items, like dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more to dress up Holly and her friends. Show off your personal flare and style them your way!

Holly & Friends Spa Day
Head to the Spa with Holly and her friends! Pamper them with relaxing treatments like special steam, eye masks, face cream, and more! Enjoy your spa experience and get ready for a magnificent makeover!

Marvelous Makeup with Holly Hobbie
Use fun makeup like eye shadow, lipstick and blush in the Makeup Salon! You can also choose from tons of different hairstyles to make Holly & her friends look extra beautiful!

Holly Hobbie Card Designer
Take a picture with Holly and her friends! Design cards with stickers, frames, colors and more! Choose from 5 different themed backgrounds to make your very own Holly Hobbie greeting card!

Holly Hobbie Recording Studio
Get ready for a musical party! Check out the recording studio where you can sing your favorite songs! It’s the perfect place to record a personalized message for Holly and her friends!

> Choose from 3 characters
> Visit a creativity center on the map
> Dress up in fashionable clothing
> Design your own outfit
> Relax at the Spa
> Make your own card
> Record your voice at the studio!

What's inside:
> 3 adorable characters - Holly, Amy, and Carrie!
> 6 creativity centers
> Over 20 fun-filled activities
> Tons of fashion items and accessories
> 40 art & design tools to make clothes with friends
> Over 50 makeup items
> 8 spa treatment tools

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